EP184 – Growing an Organic Fan Base, Writing for Katy Perry, and Building a Music Career w/ Bruce Wiegner

In a digital space that is absolutely saturated, how can musicians share content that stands out, stay creatively inspired, and build an audience organically and sustain it?

On this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by producer, songwriter, and artist Bruce Wiegner to discuss growing a fanbase organically through content and building a multi-tiered music business! We cover gathering inspiration from other creatives' content, carving a path in songwriting and production alongside an artist project, writing for Katy Perry, working remote during the pandemic, and much more!

Whether you're working on a tight budget and need to rely on organic content to grow or want to grow as a songwriter or producer, this episode is jam-packed with inspo and stories to get you motivated!


  • What artists can learn from vloggers
  • Why branded recurring content helps nurture an audience that sticks
  • How to adapt your inspiration into your own content
  • Why feedback from non-musicians can be your greatest asset
  • What Bruce learned about mindset while writing songs for artists like Katy Perry
  • How to build multiple revenue streams in your business