EP185: How to Build a Road Map for Marketing Your Music

If you search Google right now for "music marketing online", you'd be hit with thousands of results covering different tactics, strategies, and ideas telling you what to focus on! Information overload causes a LOT of artists to struggle, not knowing where to start when building a fan base.

So on this episode of Creative Juice, we welcome The 502s frontman and IndieX Agency strategist, Ed Isola back to the podcast to discuss where to start when creating a road map for marketing your music! Learn the data points that we analyze when helping artists craft a digital marketing strategy, the 2 step process for auditing your marketing, and how to focus on your needs and biggest areas of opportunity!

Whether you're just starting out trying to use social media to build your audience or find yourself stuck trying to get to the next level, this episode will help you unlock your next wins and build a road map for your music marketing!


  • Why analyzing your audience data is the key to growth
  • How to not get stuck only building awareness for your music
  • Why it feels like fans can "drop off" over time even if you think you're super active online
  • What the Buddy System can teach you about marketing and relationship with your fans
  • Why it's important to audit your fan base and marketing processes on a regular basis
  • What questions to ask yourself when looking at your marketing strategy