EP187: Instagram Reels Ads For Music

Last year, Instagram Reels emerged as Facebook's answer to TikTok's growing popularity. Now Instagram Reels ads are available and may present big opportunities for musicians to take advantage!

On this episode of Creative Juice, we dive into the new Instagram Reels placement for Facebook Ads and how we're testing it out for artists! Learn about how you can create IG Reels ads, gather insights from our campaign tests, and discover the pros and cons of the placement and where it can be useful for growing your fan base.

If you've had success with content on Tik Tok or Instagram Reels and you're ready to crank up the volume, you're going to love hearing about the early results we are seeing with IG Reels ads! 


  • What you need to do to start testing Instagram Reels Ads
  • How user behavior with Instagram Reels Ads could affect your results
  • What to keep in mind when choosing videos for your IG Reels ads
  • How we tested campaign structures and cut our cost per follower in half
  • Why it's important to establish a baseline for follower growth prior to testing
  • What pros and cons exist when running ads placed on IG Reels