EP195: How To Engage Your Fans with Text Marketing w/ Jordan Lawrence of Community

When it comes to building a list of fans, email marketing often gets put in the spotlight, but it's not the ONLY channel to use. Text message marketing is a rapidly growing opportunity to message your fans in a personal way!

On this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by special guest Jordan Lawrence from the Sales & Partnerships Team at Community. We take a deep dive into SMS marketing best practices for musicians, how to find your voice when texting fans, and strategies to use texting to drive engagement, sales, and fan base growth!

If you've been waiting to dive into text marketing for your music career but aren't sure where to begin, this episode lays a massive foundation on the best strategies, tactics, and opportunities exist for artists right now! 


  • What Offers Work Best To Get Fans To Subscribe To Your SMS List
  • How to Find Your Authentic Voice for Text Marketing
  • What Massive Opportunities Exist With Brands, Collaboration, and Partnerships 
  • Why Segmentation is Critical for Conversational Marketing
  • Where To Incorporate Text Into Successful Sales Offers and Promotions
  • How to Use Text Marketing To Build A Secret Society with Your Fans