EP234: Building Up To Each Release In Your Music Career

When it comes to planning and launching releases, many artists get stuck trying to sustain momentum and growth over time. Focusing your marketing on solving this problem can yield massive results!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed unpack the concepts, strategies, and tactics behind ensuring that each of your releases has a compounding effect on the growth of your music career! Learn how to analyze your marketing systems, engineer your audience growth, and what we've seen some of the best artist managers focus on with the artists they work with!

If you're planning a release in the coming months, this episode is a must-listen so that you can learn from the data and the successes of your previous releases to supercharge your growth!


  • How Releases and Tours Drive The Upward Narrative of Your Career
  • Why Consistency Sustains Your Growth Trajectory
  • How To Take Data Driven Risks In Your Marketing
  • What Strategies To Have In Your Toolkit For When Things Go Wrong
  • Where To Look When You Feel Stuck
  • What You Can Learn from Nic D About Finding "Your Thing"