EP238: Maintaining Your Authentic Voice Online

As an artist, maintaining control of your brand voice online is critical, especially as you begin to build a team and offload your marketing work.

In this episode of Creative Juice, we chat about how to keep consistency in your messaging and copy so that you remain authentic to your fans as you grow! Learn about why and when artists shift their effort away from their online presence, nailing your brand voice and copy, and the simple processes to use to ensure that your marketing from social media, emails, and ads stay true to you!

Worried about giving up control of your online persona? Use the processes in this episode to craft better messaging online AND pass on your creative vision to the rest of your team!


  • Why SO Many Artists End Up With A Corporate Social Media Presence
  • What QA Processes To Install Into Your Music Career Today
  • Why You Should (And Shouldn't) Offload Your Marketing Work
  • What To Pay Attention To When Crafting Your Online Voice
  • How To Define Your Brand Voice Guidelines