EP243: Mythbusting Sales Obstacles for Artists

Despite wanting to grow their businesses, artists often face misconceptions and obstacles that build up around the process of selling to their fans. These myths can massively limit your growth...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed play the role of mythbusters to break down the sales misconceptions and unconscious fears that musicians hold! Discover how new narratives can supercharge your merch drops, learn about creative social selling, and how to plan an intentional and organized rollout plan.

Feeling uneasy about making sales offers to your fans? See what blindspots you might be missing in this episode and launch your merch with confidence!


  • Who Your Real Competition Is When Marketing To Your Fans
  • Why Are Artists Really Afraid To Sell?
  • How Artists Miss Out On Sales By Omission of Frequency or Channel
  • Why You Should Send A "Last Chance" Email with Every Promotion
  • What To Watch For From Other Brands Around The Holidays