EP244: How To NEVER Need A Reason To Sell Music Again

A major difference between most successful e-commerce companies and artists is that artists get stuck trying to find a reason to sell to their audience! You need a reason but you don't need permission...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed discuss e-commerce strategies and how with a little bit of creativity, you'll never need to hunt for a reason to sell to your fans again! Learn how one artist built a promotion around the birthday of a car and how you can create milestones for your sales calendar and leverage bonuses in your online store!

Want to make the most of your merch online? This episode will give you the confidence to build epic sales promotions all year round!


  • How John Schneider Ran a Sale Around A Famous Car
  • Why The 502s Created Their Own Holiday (and Why Fans Love It)
  • How To Use Your Interests To Create Sales Promos Out Of Thin Air
  • Why You Don't Need New Merch For Every Offer
  • What Pivots To Make When Your Ideas Don't Stick
  • When To Effectively Bundle Products In Your Promotions