EP246: Tapping Out Your TikTok and Instagram Content

Despite current music industry chatter, artists DON'T need to chase virality with each and every social media post they create. In fact, you might find your next best social media move by looking at what you've already done...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed discuss tactics for making the most out of your videos on TikTok and Instagram and how to avoid spinning your wheels seeking your next viral moment! Learn how to repurpose your content tastefully and effectively for maximum impact and ad strategies to maximize your reach.

If chasing social media clout has you feeling like you're on a content creation hamster wheel, the tactics and strategies in this episode will be the sharpest arrows in your arsenal!


  • What Artists Can Do To Stop Chasing Virality Online
  • Why Reposting Your Content on TikTok Works
  • How To Avoid Being "Cringey" When Sharing on Social Media
  • Why You Should Run Ads To Extend Your Viral Posts
  • How To Freshen Up Your Videos With A Few Simple Edits