EP248: Jump Start Your Online Merch Store To Thousands (IndieX Case Study)

Artists with sizeable audiences online have a few important levers that they can pull to unlock record-breaking growth in their business. Oftentimes, they just need to focus on the right things...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed share the processes and strategies that we utilized to help a new artist client ramp up their e-commerce growth at our agency, IndieX! Learn how we tap into a large audience for fast email list growth, create sales offers for rapid revenue generation, and how you can repeat these processes for your own music career.

If you have a large audience online and have yet to crack active monetization through e-commerce, this case study story episode from IndieX demonstrates just the tip of the iceberg of what's possible through smart digital music marketing!


  • How To Grow An Email List for Free
  • Why Artists Need Data Consolidation To Maximize Their Impact
  • What Strategies We Use To Grow and Monetize An Audience Quickly
  • How To Test Your Audience's Sales Tolerance Even If You Don't Have New Merch
  • When To Stack Your Promotions So That You Don't Feel "Sales-y"