EP249: Launching A Digital Event and Offer with Bigg Jah and Dame Ritter

A lot of questions pop up in creative circles about how to launch digital products and how artists can build a revenue stream by leveraging their content. In a world with endless free content, there are no easy answers but there are strategies to follow...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed sit down with our special guest Damien Ritter to discuss the successful launch of filmmaker and comedian, Bigg Jah's web series "The Lesbian Homie Season 2" as a digital event and offer! Learn from Dame as he shares how we were able to effectively tap into Jah's online audience to drive loads of sales and engagement for the premiere of the series!

If you want to succeed at putting content-driven offers behind a paywall, whether for your music, podcast, videos, or other creative endeavors, this episode will help you plan and execute a successful digital launch!


  • What Factors Go Into Successful Digital Launches
  • How To Create YouTube Calls To Action That Drive Traffic
  • Why "Imperfect" Tech Shouldn't Stop Your Momentum
  • How To Educate Fans About Your Growth and Pricing
  • Why The Team Chose Moment Over Patreon or Other Membership Options
  • How To Build A Membership Platform That Works