EP253: Simple Tricks To Make Your Fans Love You

A common bond that many artists share is the struggle to get fans to engage with them beyond listenership. Many musicians build audiences but many more fail at creating experiences to retain those fans...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed unbox a few simple, but effective tricks to encourage your fans to engage, support, and fall in love with you and your music. Learn how to take your fans, subscribers, and customers from disengaged listeners to active advocates and surprise them with calls to action that they'll love and search for more!

If you've ever struggled to get your fans to take the elusive "next step" with you, this episode will give you a few simple strategies that you can use today to make those fans stick!


  • Where Our Favorite Artists Miss The Mark In Their Stores
  • Why You Need To Focus On More Than Just Sales
  • How To Maximize Touchpoints and Interactions With Your Fans
  • Why EVERY Action You Take Matters For Your Growth
  • How To Build The Perfect Super Signature