EP257: How A Music Marketing Agency Runs Marketing Tests

Conventional online marketing wisdom tells us to "test everything" but it's not as common to hear what artists should actually be testing, how to do it, and why!

So in this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed open up the hood to teach you the dedicated testing processes that we use at our music marketing agency, IndieX! Get a crash course in Testing 101 so that you know how to confidently plan a test in your own marketing and use the results to make the marketing for your music stronger.

If you've ever felt your eyes glaze over when you hear talk about marketing tests without real action steps, this episode will give you the exact framework that we use to solve problems, run tests, and get better results every week!


  • What Questions To Ask Before Planning a Marketing Test
  • How We Run Weekly and Monthly Tests at IndieX
  • Why Testing Should Last More Than 1 Week
  • How To Share Data With Your Collaborators
  • What To Do Once You Have Results To Analyze