EP259: 4 Things to Know About Advertising Your Music In 2023

The advertising landscape online is constantly changing. Artists that want to make the most of using paid traffic for their music need to stay on top of what's working now!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed unpack the advertising trends and strategies that we're testing and employing with our artist clients at IndieX, so that you can apply them to your music career! Learn how to leverage your content for maximum advertising impact, where TikTok Ads work best for artists, and how to analyze your efforts to achieve the best results.

With advertising trends changing day to day, the concepts in this episode will give you a foundation to build upon when advertising your music all throughout 2023!


  • How Short Form Vertical Video Has Changed Advertising
  • What To Watch For In Your Own Organic Content for Paid Ads Success
  • How To Use TikTok Ads To Stop Chasing Virality
  • Why Facebook Ads Are NOT Dead
  • How To Read To Differences Between Poor Timing and Poor Results In Your Ad Campaigns