EP260: How To Capitalize On Your Momentum and Sell More Music (IndieX Case Study)

When artists have upward movement in their career, whether it's a hit song, a sync placement, a viral video, or a big tour, they often look ahead and aim to capitalize on their success. But what steps do you take to actually channel momentum and strike while the iron is hot in your career?

In this episode of Creative Juice, we welcome back IndieX Account Strategist and Marketer Ande Hunter for a case study story about capitalizing on the Billboard chart success of a new client at our agency! Take a few lessons from our playbook about how we ramped up this artist's e-commerce revenue with email marketing and ads, created over 1000 new customers, and sold out their merch!

The next time you have momentum in your own music career, this episode will give you tools and ammunition to help you capitalize on it and grow your fan base and revenue right away!


  • How We Helped An Artist 5.6x Their Online Sales
  • Why You Need To Nurture Your Fans In A Sales Cycle
  • How We Test The Temperature of An Audience For Selling
  • Why Music Videos Work As Ads For Cold Audience Sales Campaigns
  • What Persuasive Elements You Need In Your Sales Ad Copy