EP261: Financing Your Music Career Without A Record Label w/ Wendy Day

There's always talk in music circles saying that artists can seek out investors for financing their music business, but little talk about how to actually do it. The discussion stops at the possibility of finance outside of record deals and glazes over the practical steps...

So in this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by special guest Wendy Day to talk about what artists need to know about investors and music industry finance today! Learn directly from Wendy's experiences in finding investors, working on deals, and building music careers spanning an amazing career working with artists from household names to successful indies!

If you've ever considered seeking outside capital for your music business, this episode will give you a sense of where to start looking, what assets you'll need in place, and what investors are looking for in the new music business!


  • Why Record Label Deals Don't Make Sense For Most Artists
  • What Is The Best Place To Start Looking For An Investor
  • What Assets To Have In Place When Looking For A Deal
  • Why Partnership Deals Are Like A Marriage
  • Where 3 Different Artists Found Their First Investors
  • What Investors Look For When It Comes To ROI