EP269: Taking Your Music Business Full Time

For any entrepreneur building a business, making the jump from side hustle to full time business owner can feel like a huge risk and a leap of faith and this is especially true when diving into becoming a full time artist...

In this episode of Creative Juice, we pull back the curtain on Ed's recent transition into working full time on his band The 502s! Learn about the steps he took to go full time with the band, setting tangible goals for your business, and building a team that supports your growth from the early startup stage all the way to a full-blown music career!

If you've ever felt that the jump to full time in your music career was just too scary or out of reach, Ed's experience and story will give you a unique perspective on how to drive your business forward!


  • Why Ed Found Himself As The 502s Chief Creative Officer Full Time
  • What Role You Can Fulfill In Your Music Business
  • How To Build Your Business Around Professional And Personal Goals
  • Why The Cadence of Creating and Releasing Music Is Critical To Artists in 2023
  • What Revenue Streams To Analyze In Your Music Business
  • PLUS: An Inside Look At Where Creative Juice Is Heading!