EP303: Looking Beyond Fan Acquisition

Spend more than two minutes scrolling your social feeds as an artist and you'll be drowned in content about "getting more fans". When does fan base growth become a buzzphrase that doesn't serve your music career?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa explore why fan growth is just one leg of your music marketing strategy and why it's crucial to look beyond fan acquisition! Learn why artists often get stuck in the fan growth phase and fall for scams or ineffective strategies, and when to shift focus from fan growth to retention and value enhancement!

Don't let fan acquisition blind you to other aspects of growing your music business! This episode will give you a well-rounded approach to your music marketing strategy that leads to a sustainable fan base.


  • Why Artists Get Stuck in the Fan Growth Phase
  • The Pitfalls of Overemphasis on Fan Acquisition
  • Why Social Media Algorithm Hacks Don't Work
  • When to Focus Less on Fan Growth and More on Fan Retention and Value
  • How and When to Make an Offer - And When NOT To