EP304: Combatting Brain Trash and Getting Your Music Heard Online

Make no mistake...creating and sharing social media content for your music isn't easy and for artists getting started, burnout can set in fast. So, how do you avoid it?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa discuss content creation and how music is discovered today and how artists can reframe their thinking and habits on social media growth! Learn how to approach your audience growth online, avoid social exhaustion, and make content creation and social media "social" and fun, like performing live!

Whether you consider yourself a social media machine or you're reluctant to share your first video, this episode will be a breath of fresh air to help you grow online in a way that feels sustainable!


  • How To Think About Social Media Like A Live Performance
  • Why Social Media Feels Like A Hassle As You Age
  • Why Brute Force Hustle Doesn't Work For Most Artists
  • How To Find Your Incentive For Your Artist Online Presence
  • What To Say And Do To Hook Your Fans With Your Social Posts