EP305: Artist Branding and How To Use It

The concept of branding gets a lot of talk in the music industry, but how do you apply it to your music day-to-day?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa dive into what branding truly means for your music career! Learn about what a brand is (and what it isn't), the misconceptions artists and music industry pros have about branding, how to build your mission and vision statement for your music business, and the ongoing battle between branding and marketing for many artists.

Don't let the term 'branding' intimidate you any longer. Let this episode be your guide on how to effectively apply branding to advance your music career!


  • What a Brand Is and What It's Not
  • Misconceptions About Branding in the Music Industry
  • What Elements Make Up An Artist Brand
  • How To Build A Mission and Vision Statement for Your Music Business
  • When to Focus on Branding Activities
  • PLUS: Get Access To Our Artist Branding Workbook To Brainstorm Your Brand Elements!