EP306: Funnel Building 101 for Your Music Career

Want to unravel the mystery behind marketing funnels and their role in music marketing? While funnels might just sound like marketing jargon, the reality is that they play a critical role in your music business already...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa demystify the buzz around marketing funnels to show how artists can deploy sales funnels in their music marketing. We zoom out to cover the three fundamental pieces that make up ANY funnel for ANY business, campaigns and processes for each step of a music marketing funnel. and how to set your goals for your music career!

If the concept of a marketing funnel in your music career is still a bit fuzzy or overwhelming, this episode is packed with tips to help you effectively build and manage your own music marketing funnel, based on what you're already doing!


  • Why Funnels are More Than Just Software or Tactics
  • The 3 Fundamental Steps of Any Marketing Funnel
  • What Campaigns and Processes Fit in a Music Marketing Funnel
  • How To Define Goals for Each Stage of Your Funnel
  • Why It's Critical To Get Your Hooks Right First
  • How NOT to Retain Your Fans