EP311: A 2024 State of Web3 and Music

Wondering why the buzz around music NFTs seems to come and go? Want to know what's behind all the hype about web3 and the music industry? A lot has happened in the last few years...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack grills Circa on the latest developments at the crossroads of blockchain technology and music! Dive into the recent changes in web3, AI disruption, why blockchain became so attractive to the music industry and uncover the REAL reason web3 has become a hot topic in music!

If future tech, monetization, NFTs, and the metaverse catch your interest or baffle you, this episode is a helpful primer on the basics of web3 and predictions of its future in music!


  • What Is Web3 and How Does Blockchain Technology Play A Role In The Internet
  • Why Blockchain Became Attractive to the Music Industry
  • The REAL Reason Web3 is a Hot Topic in Music
  • How Web3 Has Changed Over Market Cycles
  • What The Future of Music NFTs Looks Like