EP312: Unlocking Merch Secrets with Seamus Menihane & Down Right Merch

What separates a good artist from a great artist brand when it comes to merch? Here's a hint: It's all centered around customer experience...

In this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by special guest Seamus Menihane, founder of Down Right Merch to get his expert insights on merchandise and fulfillment for artists and brands! Learn about how Down Right Merch got its start in the industry as we discuss what artists often overlook about merch and fulfillment, how to create unforgettable customer experiences, and the pros and cons of print-on-demand, the different types of merch deals, and much more!

If you're looking to make your merch operations great, the insights from Seamus on this episode will give you a dive deep into merch from design and product to fulfillment, bonuses, and beyond!


  • How Seamus Built Down Right Merch After Time On The Road
  • What Artists Miss About Merch and Fulfillment
  • How To Create Amazing Customer Experiences
  • What Pros and Cons Exist For Print On Demand Merch
  • How To Understand Different Types of Merch Deals
  • What You Can Learn Merch Operations of Artists Like ICP, Taylor Swift, KISS, Misfits, and More