EP313: When Your Music Hurts Your Marketing (And How To Fix It)

Ever felt like your music is the roadblock in your marketing journey? It's time to rethink, reassess, and re-strategize!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa reveal what to do when your music marketing strategies hit a roadblock and how a critical evaluation of your music could be the key to unlocking audience growth. Learn why social content fails and how to diagnose yours, as well as when to fine-tune your music from gathering and analyzing feedback to refining songwriting, production, mixing to create a better product!

Don't let your music hinder your marketing efforts. If your music needs some fine-tuning, this episode has you covered with tips to transform your music from a stumbling block to a spark for your career!


  • The "Do Not Pass Go" Moment in Music Marketing
  • Why Content Fails and How to Diagnose It
  • What Steps to Take if Your Music Needs Work
  • How To Gather and Analyze Feedback For Your Music
  • When To Look Critically At Your Music
  • How To Refine Your Songwriting, Production, and Mixing Processes