EP314: Tools and Tech to Capture and Monetize Your Fan Base

Compared to every other industry around the world, the music industry is notably bad at data consolidation and artists suffer the most from it! There are a dizzying amount of digital marketing tools that can help artists capture and monetize fan bases...So where do you start?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa discuss the marketing tools every artist should have in their arsenal and unpack the features that are non-negotiables! Dive into website platforms, email and SMS marketing tools, e-commerce platforms, funnel builders, and automation tools and learn why "music" specific tools often don't measure up to broader digital marketing solutions!

Don't let the lack of the right tools hold back your fan base growth and revenue! This episode provides a roundup of the digital marketing tech that we use day in and day out for marketing for artists and bands of all kinds!


  • What Essential Marketing Tools Every Artist Should Have
  • Why Broad Digital Marketing Solutions Outperform "Music" Specific Tools
  • How Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Should Differ in Your Strategy
  • What Real Value Automation Brings Artists and Common Misunderstandings
  • Examples of Simple and Complex Automation
  • PLUS: An Inside Look at the IndieCRM!