EP315: How To Launch An Album (Profitably) In 2024

Planning an EP or album release this year and overwhelmed with options for building the marketing strategy? There are two camps when it comes to launching an album in 2024...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa share album launch strategies that set our IndieX agency clients up for success so that you can apply them to your releases - and profit! Learn about the common pitfalls in EP and album launches, the interplay between singles releases and full album launches, how to get your fans excited about your launch, what you need to get started, planning a release timeline, and building an album launch funnel that converts!

Don't release an album in 2024 without a roadmap for engaging your fans and maximizing sales! This episode is packed with strategy, tactics, and stories from successful launches to help you plan your most successful launch yet!


  • Why Is There A Gap Between Production Costs and Marketing Budget For Artists
  • How To Build An Effective Album Launch Funnel
  • How To Engage Your Fans for a Successful Launch
  • What You'll Need for a Successful Launch From Music and Tools to Content and Beyond
  • How to Plan Your Release Timeline
  • Why An Album Launch Funnel Has Long-term Benefits
  • PLUS: Get Our Free Album Launch Workbook