EP316: What Your Manager Doesn’t Know About Email Marketing

Will 2024 be the year that email marketing proves to be dead, buried, and useless for artists? The answer might surprise you...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa spill the beans about the future of email marketing for musicians with facts and figures, case studies, and client stories showing how email is one of the highest ROI channels! Learn why music industry folks think that email is a thing of the past, why poor strategy ACTUALLY makes email marketing appear dead, and how we've used email marketing at our agency IndieX to drive five, six, and seven-figure e-commerce campaigns and operations!

Want to make email marketing work in your business? This episode dives deep into stories, strategies, and automation tactics so that you can transform your email marketing into a powerhouse!


  • Why Email Is NOT Dead In 2024
  • How Poor Strategy Leads to Unsuccessful "Dead" Email Marketing
  • What Makes Email Marketing a 4200% ROI Channel
  • How An IndieX Client Did $40k in Vinyl Sales In One Day Through Email Marketing
  • Why Owning Your List of Fans Is Critical for Success
  • What Offers and Email Automations To Use In Your Marketing