EP317: How To Get All Your Fans To Sign Up For Your Email List

Visit the websites of your favorite artists and bands and you'll probably find a form with the call to action "Sign Up For Updates". Tough question: how many fans do you think actually sign up just for updates?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa answer one of the biggest questions on growing your list of fans...how to actually get fans to sign up! Learn about the top email list-building offers we use with our IndieX agency clients right now, choosing the right offer based on your audience size, and what emails to send to your fans after they sign up for an offer!

If you've tried email marketing before and want to give your fans a solid reason to sign up, this episode unpacks everything that we see working for artists in the wild today!


  • Why It's Important To Properly "Bribe" Your Fans
  • How To Build A Permission Offer Based On Your Audience
  • Why Early Access Offers Perform For Email List Growth
  • How To Craft An Effective Giveaway Campaign
  • Where Email Marketing and Tour Marketing Collide
  • How To Create The Ultimate Offer Around Your Album