EP322: Reverse Engineering Your Music Business Growth

For artists trying to build their music careers by growing and monetizing a fan base, improving the music itself is not always the best starting point...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa discuss how to reverse engineer your music business growth by improving the processes that help you create, capture, and monetize your fans' attention! Learn why only focusing on developing your product might get you stuck at the starting line, how to set achievable goals to release music and content, and to structure offers and promotional cadences based on real fan feedback!

If you want to fine-tune the processes that will actually grow and scale your fan base and your career, the insights from this episode have you covered!


  • How Circa Started Indepreneur With Personal Conversations
  • Why Growth Isn't Solely About Creating Better Music 
  • How To Set Realistic Goals For Long-term Success
  • How To Use A 9-word Email To Engage Your Audience Effectively
  • How To Build And Reverse Engineer A Promotional Cadence That Fits Your Strategy
  • What Artists Can Learn From Taylor Swift About Maximizing The Value Of A Release