EP323: What Musicians Can Learn From Tabloids and Celebrity Gossip

A simple trip to the grocery store today could change the course of your music career. Don't believe it?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa talk all about how musicians need to tap into audience attention online and how tabloids and celebrity gossip can help! Learn why artists struggle to command attention, what terrible copywriting on social media looks like, how to write headlines that capture the attention of your fans, and tips for making your music releases, tours, merch, and content newsworthy!

If you want to stand out online among all the content noise, apply the lessons from this episode to your social media strategy and finally bridge the gap between the attention of strangers and fans!


  • Why Many Artists Fail To Grab Attention Online
  • How Terrible Copywriting On Social Media Is Costing You Fans
  • How Tabloids, Reddit and Celebrity Gossip Can Help You Write Amazing Headlines 
  • How To Make Your Music Releases Newsworthy
  • Where To Find Inspiration Outside Of Music For Your Copywriting
  • The Difference Between Capturing The Attention Of Fans Vs. Strangers
  • Why Insane Clown Posse Is The "World's Most Hated Band"
  • How To Use True Stories To Create Real Connection With Your Audience