EP324: 10 Music Marketing Lessons I Wish I Knew Sooner

Lessons in the music industry show up through different paths…some are taught, some are fought through success and failure, and others are caught from experimentation…

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa unpack ten music marketing and music business lessons to help shorten the learning curve to success in your creative career! From picking the best music to lead your marketing to brand building, people problems, and capturing viral audiences, there’s a lot of ground to cover from our 8 years of running a music marketing agency.

If you want a leg up that blogs and textbooks can’t give you, let the lessons in this episode point you in the right direction for navigating music marketing and the industry! 


  • Why Some Music Just Isn't Marketable and How To Select Your Best Music
  • Where Music Videos REALLY Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy
  • Why Social Media Virality Doesn’t Always Equal Easy Monetization
  • How Repetition Is Key In Your Online Marketing 
  • Why People Problems And Bad Strategy Go Hand In Hand In Music
  • Why The Belief That Music Is Recession-Proof Is A Myth
  • How The Pareto Principle Applies To Artists