EP325: The #1 Reason Artists Don’t Grow

Ever wondered why some artists never seem to grow? The answer might be simpler than you think: they never start. Procrastination could be your biggest barrier to success...

In this eye-opening episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa tackle the #1 reason artists don't grow—failure to take the first steps towards growth! Learn about the psychology of procrastination in a music career and practical strategies to overcome it, the importance of being willing to experiment with marketing, releases, and content, how to focus on actions that move your business forward!

Whether you're debuting your first track or you’re an artist with millions of fans, this episode is packed with insights on how to take action on new opportunities, overcome limiting beliefs, and start pursuing your goals!


  • How To Break Through Procrastination At Any Career Stage
  • What Experimental Approaches Can Help You Move Past The Starting Line In Your Music Career
  • Where To Focus Your Efforts To Propel Your Music Business Forward
  • How AI Can Be Experimentally Used To Build Systems And Tools
  • How To Learn To Effectively Use New Tools Fast
  • Why Artists Fail To Act On Additional Opportunities As They Grow
  • How Limiting Beliefs Can Hold You Back And Strategies To Overcome Them