EP329: How To Not Burn Out Your Fans

Worried about overwhelming your fans with too many asks, too many offers, too much content or the wrong kind? Avoid burning out your fans by tapping into the art of nurturing...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa dive into one of the most overlooked aspects of music marketing—nurturing your fans. Learn about nurturing as a central stage in the fan customer journey for artists at both early and later career stages, the common trap when prioritizing monetization, and example nurturing strategies that you can implement in your music marketing today!

Want to ensure your ensure your fans stay excited and engaged without feeling bombarded? This episode will help you pick a nurturing path to build and expand upon so that your fans are always getting value from you!


  • Why Nurturing Is Crucial In The Fan Customer Journey
  • How To Identify If You're Testing Content Or Actually Nurturing Your Fan Base
  • What Practical Nurturing Strategies You Can Start Using Today In Your Music Marketing
  • Where To Nurture Your Customers Outside Of Social Media 
  • Why Throwback Content Is A Hidden Goldmine