EP165: Direct Response vs Madison Ave Marketing for Music

Sometimes you just need to take things back to the basics! From changes in ad platforms and social media algorithms to marketing definitions, strategies, and CPC, CPM, CPA, and all the acronyms in between, it's easy to get bogged down!

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack zoom out and peel back the layers to talk about marketing your music at the highest level. We touch on the differences between direct response marketing and Madison Ave brand awareness marketing, how the music industry traditionally operates, and how musicians can tie these two marketing ideologies together in 2021!

If you're new to marketing your music or just need a refresher on the principles of marketing, this episode is packed with clarity and a few gulps of fresh air!


  • What Makes Direct Response Marketing Different from Madison Ave Marketing
  • How the Music Industry Tends To Look at Marketing
  • Why Indepreneur Set Out to Not Be JUST A Facebook Ads Company
  • What Artists Can Learn About Marketing from a Jewelry Company
  • How Direct Response and Brand Awareness Is Evolving Together