EP178: How 6 Artists Made a Collaborative Album in ONE WEEK! w/ Damien Ritter

What happens when six independent artists fly across the country, stay in a house together, and make an album in one week? We learned the answer!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Corrin are joined by our special guest Damien Ritter of Music Entrepreneur Club to get the inside scoop on the inspiring success of One Week Notice, the collaborative music project that took artist partnerships to a whole new level! Learn how One Week Notice was born, the planning that took place before hitting the studio, and the release strategy that includes a documentary, music videos, digital and physical products, and more!

If you've ever wanted to get super creative in collaboration with other artists or bands, this episode will get the ideas flowing!


  • Why collaboration builds trust with a fan base
  • How to build relationships with your collaborators before the work begins
  • What One Week Notice has in store for the album release
  • How 6 artists managed the creative process of recording an album in one week
  • How to Approach ANY Project with Intention and Strategy