EP183 – How To Be More Productive In Your Music Marketing w/ DUX

Musicians have a lot of work on their plates day in day out, especially independent artists! From writing, recording, booking, performing, staying on top of social media, AND marketing, it's easy to get distracted and hard to plan all the moving parts!

On this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by Indepreneur's resident alien-funk producer Director of Operations Jonah McLean, aka DUX to unpack business processes artists can use to be more productive! Step away from marketing talk to learn about the workflow our team uses at Indepreneur and IndieX, wrap your head around Scrum project management, and how to set goals in your music business!

If you've ever found yourself struggling with productivity and planning in your music career, this episode is packed with frameworks, processes, and examples to help you get more done with your music marketing!


  • Why business productivity is NOT all about hustling
  • How we plan our work at Indepreneur and IndieX
  • What artists can learn from Scrum and Agile workflows
  • How to actually estimate your time to get more accomplished
  • How to plan sprints with your team to add value to your music career