EP196: How to Keep Your Fans Excited During The Holidays

After Black Friday and through December, the music industry tends to go into hibernation, apart from holiday releases. However, the most successful artists can take advantage of this and market during the holiday season in creative ways!

In this episode of Creative Juice, we discuss strategies to keep your fans excited during the holiday season, even if you're not releasing music! Learn what makes sense about music industry conventional wisdom about the holiday season and what doesn't, creative strategies to engage your fans in December, and when to push for holiday sales offers!

If you've been wondering how to keep your fans activated as we move past Black Friday and Cyber Week, this episode will bring a ton of ideas to the table to help you nurture your fans as we head towards a new year!


  • How To Make the Most of December and Save Money Doing It
  • What Marketing Pros and Cons Stack Up For Musicians During The Holidays 
  • Why You Need To Nurture Your Fans After A Sale and How To Do It
  • How Holiday Sales Increase The Value of Your Fans
  • What To Do When You Run Out of Content