EP199: Your Top 12 Music Marketing Questions Answered! (Part 1)

We asked our listeners in the Indepreneur community to let us know their burning questions about music marketing! Unsurprisingly, we got a lot of great inquiries!

So in episode one of this two-part Q&A special of Creative Juice, we hand-picked some of the top questions from artists and musicians about the state of music marketing today!

Whether you're new to promoting your music online or trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of music marketing, we cover a wide range of topics including Facebook Ads, text marketing, creating fans that stick, and much more! 


  • What critical key features to look for in SMS marketing platforms
  • How to get your fans on TikTok off the platform and into your ecosystem
  • How to create habitual experiences with your fans
  • What recent changes to the Facebook Ads mean for your marketing strategy
  • What the shift to a privacy-first internet means for digital marketing