EP201: Our Music Marketing Predictions for 2022!

We witnessed another year of transformation and disruption in the music industry throughout 2021. Now we're looking ahead at 2022 and the inevitable changes that new technology will bring to the music business and music marketing!

In this episode of Creative Juice, we discuss our predictions and wishes on what 2022 will bring to the music marketing landscape! From the primacy of native video content, to the privacy first internet, and blockchain technology, there is a world of possibility on the horizon especially for independent artists!

If you're looking to go into 2022 with new perspectives about where your music career and the business at large can go, this episode is a brain-fuel starting point from our team!


  • How to separate your content into tiers for Patreon and your email list
  • Where to focus your advertising spend when growing your list
  • How to be a "content first" creative and win on social
  • Why you should leverage viral content to grow your streaming numbers
  • How to tap into the power of urgency, exclusivity, and scarcity in your sales offers
  • PLUS: Our first chat on Creative Juice about Web3 and the future of the internet