EP212: Digging Into What Your Fans Dig!

Online advertising targeting is changing and musicians aren't immune to that! What happens as targeting options become broader and you can no longer target other artists' fans or the new sensations that you know your fans follow?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed take you on a journey of data digging to find out who your fans really are and what they're interested in! Learn about how the IndieX Agency targets potential fans for creatives that aren't musicians, how to find niche interests outside similar artists, what to look for when testing new targeting ideas, and how customer avatars play into every aspect of your music marketing!

If you've ever wondered why Facebook won't let you target Billie Eilish fans and how to work around it, this episode will get you digging into what your fans really dig to make your marketing really resonate with them!


  • What Questions To Ask When Building Customer Avatars
  • Why Online Advertising Targeting Options Are Getting Broader
  • How To Survey Your Fans And Learn Their Tribal Language
  • Where to Get Started When Targeting Broad Interests
  • How To Different Different Types of Audience Scale
  • PLUS: The First Sneak Peek Into The New Fan Finder Method Training