EP218: What You Can Learn From BAD Email Marketing

Have you ever gotten an email from another artist that made you roll your eyes? Chances are, you probably have...and there's something we can all learn from it!

In this episode of Creative Juice, we dissect an email that one of our artists in the IndiePRO community submitted from one of his favorite bands and pick apart where the messaging fell short! Discover why this Spotify-focused email came across impersonal, how to catch your fans' attention in a crowded inbox, and why you can't ignore email marketing best practices as you grow.

Want to gain a competitive edge in the race for attention and avoid the unsubscribe button? This episode will help you build your music marketing swipe file with new to-dos and not-to-dos!


  • Why Spotify's Cloudy Data Can Cause Bottlenecks in Your Marketing
  • How To Avoid Subject Line Blindness
  • Where "Unlock" Campaigns Are Actually Useful
  • What To Consider When Segmenting Your Audience
  • Why You Need To Learn Marketing BEFORE You Build A Team
  • How To Stand Out To Your Most Valuable Fans In Email