EP219: Is Making A Music Video Actually Worth It?

There's a decades-old release strategy that is still the norm in the music industry...Release a single and release a music video to go with it. Are big-budget music videos actually effective in 2022?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed take off the gloves and go head to head as they discuss The 502s recently released official music video and whether it was valuable for the band! Learn how performance videos and traditional music videos fit into a marketing strategy, why The 502s released an official music video after they had gone viral, and the results they gained from the investment.

If you've wrestled with the idea of needing a music video to pair with your releases, get some clarity on where a traditional video might benefit you and when it will let you down!


  • Why The 502s Released A Music Video After "Just A Little While" Went Viral
  • What 3 Goals The Band Had For The Official Music Video
  • Why Performance Videos Are Disruptive
  • Which Videos Will Yield Audience Growth
  • How The Traditional Rollout of Music Is Being Inverted