EP252: The Art of Storytelling and Your Artist Brand

Shared stories are what drive real connection between people. Behind every business with a great brand is great storytelling and for artists that are on the fence about sharing their stories, it's time to face the facts: You can't build a brand for your music without storytelling!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed discuss the art of storytelling and how successful artists leverage storytelling beyond their songs to make an impact on their fans. Learn what big and small businesses outside of music can teach you about branding, the two objections artists have when it comes to sharing on social media, and how to stand out from the noisy online world.

If you want to build a memorable brand around your music, this episode will help you leverage the power of storytelling with simple steps and actions you can take today!


  • What Elements Go Into A Strong Brand
  • How To Understand The Story You Want To Tell Online
  • What You Can Learn From Star Wars, Disney, ILM, and Other Famous Brands
  • How To Share Without Oversharing (Every Artist's Worst Nightmare)
  • Why You Need To Set The Branding Table For Your Fans