EP213: Publicity, Fan Base Growth, and The Music Marketing Landscape

Is advertising still a viable strategy for growing a fan base around your music? How can artists best represent themselves online once they've captured attention? These are the questions that keep even the shrewdest music marketers up all night...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed welcome Circa back to the podcast to discuss his band SOMEKIDPUNK and the role of advertising in continuing traction in their growth! Learn how Circa pivoted around the changing landscape of paid advertising, why organic growth only took the band so far, why your brand and content matter no matter your fan acquisition strategies, and how to engage an audience around you and your unique interests!

Whether you're trying to crack new ways to grow your audience or looking to connect with your existing fans in more engaging ways, this discussion around ads, publicity, and owning your space online will help you hone in on the right strategy for you!


  • How To Understand The Current Music Marketing Landscape
  • Why The Counternarrative Around Paid Ads Is So Dangerous To Musicians
  • What You Can Learn from 50 Cent About Your Brand
  • Why Artists Are Predisposed To Be Public Figures
  • PLUS: A Teaser Into The Targeting Lessons Inside The NEW Fan Finder Method