EP255: Why Social Media and Streaming Work Together

Scrolling Instagram for more than a few moments will undoubtedly land you in a deluge of posts, Stories, and Reels of artists promoting their music. How do you stand out and actually grow?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed are joined once more by IndieFounder Coach Jesse Gillenwalters to discuss the melting pot of social media and its relationship to streaming growth. Learn the cultural impact of great content on social media and why the right kind of engagement opens the floodgates for artists to grow on multiple platforms, from Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and beyond.

If you've ever found yourself wondering why your social content or ads miss the mark in actually getting fans that listen to your music, this episode was born to help you break that barrier and start growing your listeners and fans!


  • Why Great Content Acts As Cultural Moments For Fans
  • What 4 Steps Will Help You Create Amazing Videos
  • Why Your Clicks Don't Equal Streams
  • Which Social Signals Actually Drive Fan Action
  • Why Your Music Videos Need A Hook, Just Like Your Songs