EP270: How To Run Your Music Business Without Burning Out w/ DUX

Burnout is a serious symptom of trying to build a music career without a roadmap. However like all businesses, there are skills that can help artists run their business like a well oiled machine from early days to building a team…

In this episode of Creative Juice, we‘re joined by Indepreneur’s Director of Operations, IndieX Strategist, and artist Jonah McLean aka DUX to talk music business operations! Learn about the mindset, philosophies, systems, and processes that you can use to manage your music business when solo operator or when you’re thinking about building a team!

If you’ve been feeling stuck, slowed down, or on a rollercoaster between productivity and burnout with your music business, this episode is a must-listen for an easy to implement framework that will help you get more done!


  • Where To Focus Your Marketing When You Feel Stuck
  • How To Manage Projects With A Simple System 
  • Why Many Artists Try To Build A Team Too Soon
  • What 2 Touchpoints Are Critical For Any Music Business
  • How To Build A Team And Find Help Where It’s Needed