EP242: Finding The Low Hanging Fruit In Your Music Marketing

Marketing your music to get new fans and grow a music business doesn't have to be overwhelming or complicated! In reality, there are three main things that artists and bands need to focus on...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed discuss how to identify and attack the low hanging fruit in your music career and find the winning opportunities that are right under your nose! Gain an understanding of how all music marketing strategies and tactics fall under one of three categories: creating attention, capturing attention, and monetizing attention.

If you've ever wondered what next step is right in the process of marketing your music, you'll find the answer for your growth in this episode!


  • What Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering A Strategy
  • How To Develop A Marketing Plan Based on Low Hanging Fruit
    How To Create Attention With Paid Ads and Organically
  • Why You Need To Capture New Fans' Attention After Discovery
  • What Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Can Teach You About Social Media
  • Why Artists Are Uniquely Qualified To Crush Their Marketing