EP194: 4 Outside the Box Offers To Make To Your Fans

Artists can learn a LOT from online brands and retail businesses about making sales offers that go beyond a vinyl and t-shirt bundle! Sales skills are always critical for musicians but especially important as we head into the busiest sales season of the year!

On this episode of Creative Juice, we take a look at 4 outside the box offers that artists can make to their fans and the e-commerce plays that make them work! Learn about passive versus active sales, how to use scarcity in your online store, and the evergreen offers that can live in your store all throughout the year.

If you're looking for holiday sales inspiration or just wanting to fill up your 2022 promotional calendar, this episode will get you thinking big about the way you present your merch to your fans!


  • How to stack sales offers on top of each other
  • Why framing and offer strategy matters more than the product you sell
  • When to re-open your cart in a sales promotion
  • How to give your fans choices without introducing the Paradox of Choice
  • PLUS: What Disney can artists about merch and sales!