EP309: The Changing State of Music Distribution w/ Dame Ritter

In 2024, your music distributor may not make or break your career, but knowing what opportunities are out there for you is critical to your success as an artist...

So in this special episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa are joined by special guest Dame Ritter, the Director of Communications at the music distribution company Too Lost to talk about all things music industry, from distribution deals, to artist management, monetization, and more! Learn about the current state of music distribution in 2024, how Too Lost stands out among distributors, and Dame will share insights on what artists may not know about the opportunities they might be missing!

Dame has worn many hats in the music industry, from running a record label to artist management, and now brings his wealth of knowledge to the Too Lost team. Don't miss this episode as a chance to learn from a seasoned music entrepreneur and professional!


  • The Current State of Music Distribution in 2024
  • How Distribution Became a Commoditized Service
  • How Too Lost Stands Out In The Industry (and How To Get Involved)
  • What Opportunities Artists Miss When Working With Distributors
  • How Artists Can Adapt Their Mindset To Succeed
  • What Advice Dame Passes On To Artist Managers Today