EP320: Removing The Bottlenecks In Your Creative Business w/ Marketing Strategist Jonah McLean

Are bottlenecks in your creative business slowing down your progress? Identifying and removing these barriers can be the key to unlocking your creative output AND fan base growth...

In this special episode of Creative Juice, Jack is joined by Jonah McLean, a lead strategist and coach from our IndieFounder program, to dive into the most common bottlenecks he finds in artists' creative businesses! Learn from Jonah's experience consulting and coaching hundreds of artists and explore the three biggest bottlenecks he's observed in music marketing, from the challenges musicians face after an initial burst of audience growth to the paralysis caused by indecision and overthinking!

If you're stuck in your music career growth and not sure why, this episode covers it all. From simplifying your music business systems to managing your work and failing forward in your marketing, use these tips to get yourself back on track!


  • How To Tackle The Three Biggest Bottlenecks Jonah Sees Musicians Face
  • Where Artists Struggle After Initial Audience Growth
  • How To Handle Indecision And Overthinking To Keep Your Projects Moving
  • Why Failure Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool
  • How To Simplify Your Music Business Systems
  • What You Can Learn From Tim Ferriss and A Simple To Do List